Computer Use Policy


The Ishpeming School District invests in the future of its students by continually updating its computer systems to enable our students to compete in the technology environment. Over the past few years more than $100,000 has been  invested in technology by the Ishpeming Board of Education at its various schools.

The Ishpeming Public Schools administration and staff recognize that students and parents want and expect all school properties to be well cared for and respected and that most students do take care of all school property and deplore vandalism of any kind. The following school-wide policy has been developed for school-wide computer usage.



  • There is to be no tampering, including, but not limited to, breaking into the network, defacing, or vandalizing the system or the computers.
  • Absolutely no food or drink in the computer labs.
  • Students are to follow the school’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Students are to use only their assigned password.
  • No disks or CDs are allowed in the computer labs.
  • No games or other software is to be used on or added to individual computers or to the network.
  • In addition to taking proper care of school property, students are expected to be good citizens by reporting any and all damage (including any marks) to the teacher at the beginning of the period.
  • To use the computer labs, other than during class time, students must have a signed pass from the teacher requesting the work to be done.
  • The computer labs may be used only when they are supervised.



  • Students violating the Computer Use Rules will be referred to the principal for disciplinary action. The disciplinary action could include detention, expulsion, police referral, having a grade lowered, and/or being dropped from the class with a disciplinary F. Students who are found violating this policy could be restricted from further use of all computers at Ishpeming High School.
  • Students causing damage to the computers, the programs on the computers, or damage to the network will be held financially responsible.
  • Students breaking into the network will be dropped from the class with a disciplinary F and subject to further disciplinary action.



Any student found to be using school computers in an inappropriate manner will face the following penalties:

  • First Offense: Student will not be permitted to use any school computer for the next five (5) school days.
  • Second Offense: Student will not be permitted to use any school computer for the next thirty (30) school days.
  • Third Offense: Student will not be permitted to use any school computer for the next one hundred and eighty (180) school days.

Inappropriate use of computers includes, but is not limited to, tampering with computers, accessing or publishing inappropriate content, downloading software/playing games without a teacher’s consent, instant messaging, and unauthorized e-mail usage.

Violations will be reported to the principal, who will be responsible for assigning the penalties and maintaining records.

The student’s parent(s) will be notified of his/her suspension from school computer use. Additional penalties may be assigned by the principal.

Any act of vandalism against school computers or attempts at network intrusions will result in a minimum 30 day suspension from school computer use and possible suspension/expulsion from school.