Inclement Weather

In the event of school being cancelled early in the morning, announcements will be made on radio stations:  WJPD, WZAM, WKQS, WHWL, WMQT, WNMU, WFXD, and WGLQ.  Announcements will also be made on the following TV stations:  WLUC TV-6 and WBKP TV-10.  Every effort will be made to make such an announcement prior to 6:30 a.m.

It is also possible that, in the event of severe weather moving into the area, students could be dismissed after the school day has begun.  In such an event, radio and television announcements will be made.  It is very important that you plan ahead in the event of an early dismissal.  If you are generally not home during the day when school is in session, please make arrangements for someone to be at your home in the event of an early dismissal or arrange for your child to go to another home.  It is important that you make these arrangements prior to the time that they may be actually needed.

If you have any questions regarding where your child may go in the event of an early dismissal, you may contact Principal Dan Barry (906) 485-6341,  or Principal Vicki Lempinen at (906) 485-1066 for assistance or direction.  If you have any questions with regard to cancellation or early dismissal procedures, please feel free to contact the Superintendent of Schools, Carrie Meyer at (906) 485-5501.