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Proposed Athletic Complex Upgrades

Athletic Complex Building

Ishpeming is well known for its beautiful recreation facilities, including the Ishpeming Baseball Fields Complex, Iron Ore Heritage Trail and Al Quaal Recreation Area.  One of the most visited recreation facilities in Ishpeming is the City's Playgrounds, which is need of significant improvements, especially the structures located there.  Our commitee plans to replace the current "Blue Building" and other assorted and disjointed Playground structures with a multipurpose building.  The current structures include the "Blue Building", which houses outdated locker rooms and public restrooms, a concession stand, an equipment storage shed, and all three ticket booths.  The structures vary in age but all are similar states of deterioration and reflect poorly on our community. 


Proposed Athletic complex Building

We propose to replace all of these seperate buildings with one multi-purpose building, which will efficiently consolidate all of their functions in one structure.  The Playgrounds are used throughout the spring, summer, and fall for various community events and daily fitness activities and the multi-purpose building will provide for the needs of athletes of all ages.  The structure will be maintained by the Ishpeming Public School District and will be used by numerous Ishpeming School District athletic teams including Tennis, Football and Track and Field.


Proposed Enterance to Athletic Complex

Visitors to our community often comment on the impressive recreation areas within our city.  Our Committee intends to make the Playgrounds equally impressive.  We hope you share our vision of making the Ishpeming Playgrounds facility the best in the Upper Peninsula and one of the best in the State of Michigan.

New Locker Room Photo

Football Field

No sport has provided our school district and city with more pride and positive recognition than Ishpeming High School's Football Program.  After winning nine State Championships and numerous U.P., Regional, and District Titles one would expect our "Field of Champions" would be among the best in the state.  Unfortunately, that is not true..yet.  Please join our effort to provide the many teams who use our football field with the best facility possible and continue our tradition of excellence in football.  Our past, current and future state champions deserve nothing less.


Proposed Site Plan

Tennis Courts

Tennis is a lifelond sport benefitting people of all ages from children to senior citizens and there is significant interest in developing both youth and adult tennis leagues in Ishpeming.  With obesity at an all-time high for Americans, providing adequate, safe and attractive fitness facilities for city residents takes on even greater importance.  Our current tennis courts are showing their age and are in dire need of repair.  We have the opportunity to renovate the tennis courts at the Al Quaal Recreation Area and the Ishpeming Playgrounds to make them a centerpiece of our community's facilities and to grow the sport of tennis in our schools and city.