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Parent-Student-Teacher Compact

A Promise of Commitment
(Coordinated through Title I Services)

​​We, the Ishpeming Middle School staff, parents, and community, guide each child in achieving his or her greatest potential by providing a diversity of experiences which integrate excellence in education with the child’s individual abilities and unique talents.  We share the responsibility, in a safe and secure environment, for student aquisition of academic, creative, emotional, physical, and social skills necessary for entering society as contributing members.  We strive to enhance each child’s experience at the Ishpeming Middle School by continually assessing and evaluating our attainment of these goals as measured by descriptive outcomes.

Parent/Guardian Agreement

It is important to have my child reach his or her full academic potential.  Therefore, I will encourage him/her by doing the following:
  • see that my child attends school regularly and is punctual.
  • establish a time and place for homework and check it regularly.
  • support the school staff and respect the diverse cultures of the school.
  • have ongoing communication with my child’s school and teacher.
  • limit and monitor my child’s TV and movie viewing.
  • encourage daily reading at home.

Student Agreement

It is important that I do the best that I can.  Therefore, I will do the following:
  • come to school each day and be in class on time.
  • have my homework completed and turned in on time.
  • always try to work to the best of my ability.
  • show respect for myself, my school, and other students.
  • follow the rules at my school and home.
  • believe that I can learn and I will learn.

Teacher Agreement

Students must be given the opportunity to succeed.  Therefore, I will do the following:
  • provide an environment conducive to learning.
  • have high expectation for myself and my students by using methods and techniques that work for my classroom.
  • maintain open lines of effective communication with my students and their parents in order to support student learning.
  • seek ways to involve parent in classroom activities.
  • respect the students, their parents, and the diverse culture of the school.