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Hematite France Trip in June 2023

Hematite France Trip in June 2023
Posted on 11/07/2022
10 Hematites and IHS Teacher Madame Meldrum will travel around France next June to expand their knowledge of culture and geography! Each traveler is busy working and fundraising, but all would be forever grateful for a donation.

Check out their bios and links to donate to our Hematite travelers! Thank you/Merci!

Clara Maki -

Clara Maki Photo

I am really excited to go to this trip due to being close to my friends more and experience more cultures, food, and art. I am an artist myself and i’m excited to draw some of the things i see on this trip. 

I am really excited to see the Louvre and see the Greek statues that have been shown in the museum. I love Greek mythology as a whole.

I’m a swimmer for 3 years now and I am excited to swim with my friends in the Mediterranean.

I’m a huge lover of music, I listen music all the time and will cherish the time I’ve seen my favorite band on tour face to face, I hope to see them again soon.

I would greatly appreciate any support and donations for this wonderful trip I would get to experience.

Lola Korpi -

Lola Korpi Photo

I have one big passion in life, and that’s to run. Cross country running is something that I take pride in, not only because I succeed in it, but because I love it. One big goal I have about my running career is to make it a way to explore new places. I have explored all the trails around my small town and even a few in Stevens Point Wisconsin at a running camp. It was so exciting to run new trails in Wisconsin, and it sparked interest in me to want to travel more to run.

My class trip to Europe is for educational purposes and I am so intrigued to learn more about new cultures, but I will definitely be packing my running shoes as well. I am super excited to go running on the boardwalk on the French Riviera, it’s something that I am really looking forward to. I am also really looking forward to trying new foods, meeting new people, and growing stronger friendships with my classmates.

I would greatly appreciate some financial support so that I can experience this trip of a lifetime! Thank you!

Lillian Tomasi -

Lillian Tomasi Photo

When I was a little girl, I dreamed big. I dreamed of helping people, reading incredibly difficult books, creating projects that bring smiles and good feelings, and most importantly experiencing life from different perspectives. I took some serious inspiration from my great grandparents who traveled to a different country every year on their anniversary. Hearing about their travels and adventures made me add a new goal: traveling and experiencing as much as I can. I wholeheartedly believe that the world can teach me so much. I live in a rural area and while I love it, I look forward to enjoying a new perspective.
I’m incredibly excited about learning and EATING. French food looks so delicious and there’s nothing quite like a good plate of food. I’m a real art fanatic so the thought of seeing works by Van Gogh makes me giddy. I’ve never seen the ocean so I’m incredibly excited to see the Mediterranean! We also get to swim!! I love water and my family always calls me a fish. I’m looking forward to the change in the climate because my state is cold. I know I’m only sixteen, so I have a lot of life ahead of me, but I firmly believe that it’s in my best interest to get a head start on adventuring and exploring. A major bucket list item for me is to knit in Paris.
I would greatly appreciate any sort of donation that would help me fund my goals and experience the world as fully as possible! Thank you! 

Cassia Boylan-Sprague -

Cassie Photo

My name is Azazel and I’m a 16 year old junior (soon to be 17!) who can’t wait to go to France with my French class.  I like to draw, write, read, sing, dance, and swim, but most importantly I love animals and hope to become a vet when I’m older! I have nine pets, three cats, Rivers (a gray girl), Klein (a blonde boy), and Luci (a black boy), and six chickens, four are black and two are brown. Although my goal has been reached, any donations would greatly be accepted, seeing I’ve been working hard for personal spending money and any help would be appreciated! I’m excited to see art in the Louvre, to look at architecture, try new food, make memories, and have fun!

Bryn Leukama -

Photo of Bryn

Hi! My name is Bryn and I’m a junior at Ishpeming High School. I am a part of Ishpeming’s Key Club, yearbook, and quiz bowl. I also play tennis and softball. I like reading, and learning about new things. I love traveling, and encountering new cultures, food, and architecture. I am especially interested in food. I love baking and cooking new things, and I am very excited to try some new French foods. I like listening to classical music as well, and I’m hoping I can possibly hear someone play some classical French songs while I am in France. I also enjoy spending time in nature, and I’m looking forward to see and experience different parts of it while abroad.

I would greatly appreciate any and all donations to assist me in going on this adventure, as it will help me to experience new things and create many unforgettable memories with my peers.

Keira Wilson -

Kiera Photo

My name is Keira. Something about me is, I am in Middle College for my certificate in Welding. I am also a part of the varsity wrestling team here at Ishpeming. My sophomore year I was the first girl in Ishpeming High School history to qualify for states.

I am beyond excited about this opportunity to travel alongside some of my classmates. Having this experience as a young adult may be the first and last for some of us. Something I am really looking forward to is seeing the Eiffel Tower, one of the biggest attractions. I am more than grateful for any donations sent to me for this once in a lifetime experience.

Faith Cain -

Faith Photo

Hello,my name is Faith Cain and I am a Junior at Ishpeming high school. As a kid I heard stories of my families trips around the world and really enjoyed listening, when given this opportunity to go to France with my peers I was over the moon. Some things I'm really looking forward to is trying all new  foods  and seeing the Eiffel Tower and experiencing all the wonderful things this trip has to offer   and growing bonds with my classmates. This trip means a lot to me because I will be able to experience something that people only dream of, being from a small town and going somewhere as well known as France is a very exciting thing and I'm so glad I have this chance to go.

I would appreciate any sort of donation to help aid me in experiencing this once in a life time opportunity