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Hail, Beacon Light

“Hail, Beacon Light” is an alma mater song and as such its melody has more the tempo and cadence of a hymn, being slower and more sustained, and its words expressive of the high ideals of the school and the finer sentiments associated with it.

Familiar to thousands of Ishpeming alumni, the song is unique in that it is entirely original and, therefore, truly Ishpeming’s own. It was written in 1898 when a prize was offered by Miss Olcott, then high school principal, for the best words for a high school song. Miss Ella Inex McInnis won this prize with the words as they have since been used. The music was written by Richard Ewing, an IHS instructor at the time.

Hail! Beacon light of Ishpeming
Hail, High School ’tis of thee we sing
‘Neath heav’n’s high dome of azure blue,
Thou are thyself as firm and true,
Surrounded by the hills so old,
Whose iron hearts are strong and bold.

To thee our people turn with pride
In thee their love and hope abide
Thy sons and daughters do thee bless,
thy teachings mold a life’s success.
Then let us haste, and garlands rare
Wreathe ’round our High School ever fair.

Superior’s mighty deeps are blue,
And northern skies are that fair hue;
Our color this – it tells of might,
Of love of truth and love of right.
Long life and health and happy hours,
God grant thee, Alma Mater ours.