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Rental Information

All events are subject to a deposit that is due two weeks before the performance.  The deposit rates are as follows (per event or performance):

  • $750 for nonprofit organization
  • $950 for a for profit organization

A group may receive a refund of some of the deposit after the rental fees have been assessed.  The rental fees are as follows:

The Basic Fee:

  • Nonprofit Groups (no admission) — $45 per hour with a maximum fee of $225 a day
  • For Profit Groups — $90 per hour with a maximum fee of $405 a day

Personnel Fees (per hour rates):

  • Custodial — $35.00
  • House Manager — $20.00
  • Lighting Tech — $12.50
  • Sound Tech — $12.50

Additional fees may apply if other services are requested or required.  For a copy of the current auditorium rental agreement, please click here.

House Rules and Theater Etiquette

An estimated one-quarter million dollars has been invested in this beautiful facility through restoration and renovation efforts since 1988.  Alumni, friends of the school district, and local businesses are directly responsible for this huge investment.  We ask your assistance in preserving this treasure they have so strongly supported.  Please observe the following:

  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the building by order of the fire marshal.
  • There can be no alcohol in the auditorium or school complex.
  • Please do not take food or drink into the auditorium.
  • Be courteous to those around you and to the performers by remaining silent while the performance is on-going.
  • Wait for a break in the performance before entering or leaving the house.
  • Discard gum properly.  It is difficult to remove from seats, floors, and especially carpeting.
  • Please follow advice/directions of the ushers when given.
  • We ask that you keep your feet on the floor so as to protect our valuable seats.

We look for you continued support in our efforts to provide you with the finest theater in the area.  Thank you.